Fairbanks is the pre-eminent leader in the development and implementation of Random Moment Time Study (RMTS) programs nationally. We work with thousands of schools, as well as Medicaid and educational agencies from states across the country in developing, implementing, and monitoring RMTS programs.

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The use of a Random Moment Time Study (RMTS) methodology has become an industry standard in the public sector and increasingly in the public school setting. RMTS is a federally approved, statistically valid sampling technique that produces accurate labor distribution results by determining what portion of the selected group of participant’s workload is spent performing all work activities. The RMTS method polls participants on an individual basis at random time intervals over a given time period and totals the results to determine work effort for the entire population of participating staff over that same period.

The use of RMTS allows State departments, school district programs and other eligible public agencies to accurately document staff activities relating to reimbursable Federal programs. RMTS results are used to allocate expenditures and determine the appropriate claiming under federal programs. Each state’s RMTS program must be appropriately implemented and monitored. To that end, Fairbanks provides our clients with both national RMTS expertise and a proven web-based RMTS toolset and methodology that has been implemented, reviewed and approved in several states.

Fairbanks uses proprietary, web-based solutions that simplify and streamline the time study process. The Fairbanks web-based RMTS solution automates the entire time study process, and related processes required for Medicaid Administrative Claiming (MAC) or Direct Service Cost Reporting are seamlessly integrated.

A fully web-enabled and automated system significantly reduces the time and effort required of time study participants, staff who coordinate the process for their agency, and State administrators for monitoring purposes.

Fairbanks provides a state-of-the-art Random Moment Time Study toolset that can be customized for a variety of agency types and methodologies.

Key Random Moment Time Study (RMTS) services include:

  • Program and policy development
  • Development of Cost Allocation Plan/Implementation Plan revisions
  • Assistance with CMS discussions and negotiations
  • State of the Art web-based Random Moment Time Study toolset
  • Random Moment Time Study design, implementation and administration across multiple agency types
  • Ongoing Program Administration
  • Program Monitoring and Audit/Review Services
  • Robust reporting and analytical tools

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