State of Texas Health And Human Services Commissions Awards Fairbanks Contract Expansion and Multiple Year Extension

Chicago, Illinois, November 16, 2010

The Texas Health and Human Services Commission awarded a competitively bid contract and scope expansion to Fairbanks to continue the successful transformation of the RMTS and administrative claiming program for local school districts (ISD), Early Childhood Intervention (ECI), MH/MR agencies and Local Health Departments (LHD).

In addition to the statewide implementation of Fairbanks state of the art software to assist HHSC in managing all aspects of Medicaid Administrative Claiming for ISD, ECI, MH/MR and LHD, Fairbanks has also developed and deployed web-based cost reporting and review software to assist HHSC and state auditing agencies to monitor and audit the cost reports and settlements for state and local agencies who receive Medicaid reimbursement as well as to establish interim cost based rates for Medicaid providers.

This multi-year contract includes up to three years worth of extensions following its initial three-year term.