The Fairbanks team has designed, implemented and operated web-based Medicaid claiming programs and consulting services in over 15 states, representing over 8,000 school districts, 10 million students, and a variety of agency types.  Fairbanks provides Medicaid claiming services at both the individual school district level and at the State Medicaid Agency level depending on each state’s specific need. 

Our services include Medicaid program design, implementation, ongoing administration, and audit review services utilizing Fairbanks web-based technology for each of the following:

  • Web-based Random Moment Time Studies
  • Medicaid Administrative Claiming
    • Implementation Plan & Cost Allocation Plan Development
    • Program Implementation & Training
    • Program Administration
    • Program Monitoring & Audit Services
  • Direct Service Claiming
  • Direct Service Rate Setting
  • Direct Service Cost Reporting
  • Direct Service Annual Reconciliation
  • Audit program development, review and support services.

Fairbanks provides the flexibility to provide the entire spectrum of the above services or a subset based on each individual client’s needs.  The Fairbanks approach has been proven successful.  Please refer to Our Clients for a representative sample of Fairbanks case studies.